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The Basics of Onboarding

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do Not Disturb is a service provided to mobile users to unsubscribe from promotional SMS. Any user can subscribe to DND services and get rid of promotional content sent from a telemarketer.

No service provider, operator or re seller is liable to send promotional SMS to a DND number. Only Transactional content with regular alerts can be sent to the mobile users who activated DND status.

The following graphical representation depicts the SMS content you can Send to DND registered numbers:

The following graphical representation depicts the SMS content that is strictly prohibited to send to a DND registered number.


Template is a predefined format of an SMS that contain predefined set of replaceable parameters along with standard content. Through a template, you don't have to compose a frequently used SMS every time you compose it. You can simply save the template and re use every time.

Templates can only be created in Alerts application to send transactional SMS. For promo application, you cannot create a template.

To know more about template and creation of a template, read Creating a Template.

What's the difference between transactional and promotional content?

Transactional SMS (also known as Alerts) notify you of an activity or a recently made transaction. Promotional SMS (Promo) is an SMS sent by the Telemarketer to promote or initiate a marketing activity. Promotional SMS has no relevance to any of your transactional activities.


Sender ID

Sender ID should be created to send alert SMS. The sender ID is 6 character ID that represent your business entity.


Sender ID can be created but is not used for campaigns. Sender ID is numeric.

E.g: AM-008782


Template can be created
for a Sender ID

Template format cannot
be created

DND Numbers

Can send messages to
DND Numbers on
application (The SMS should strictly contain no promotional content)

Cannot send promo messages to DND numbers to
maintain regulatory

OTP Gateway

OTP Gateway requests
can be initiated and used

OTP gateway requests
cannot be activated

Delivery Time

Round the clock delivery
available for
transactional services

Promotional messages
can be sent only between
9 AM to 9 PM

Sender ID

Every transactional SMS that's sent should be sent from a properly assigned Sender ID. Sender ID is the 6 character ID that represents your company name.

When the user receives an SMS, sender ID enables them to understand where they received the SMS from.

To know more about Sender ID, read Creating Sender ID

Opt In Document

An opt in document is a hard copy or online form that states that the user is willing to receive an SMS from your business entity. Opt in document acts as a source of acquisition of your contact details.

To know more about opt in documents, read Opt in Documents.

The Basics of Onboarding

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