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Security and Authorization

You're in safe hands as we give utmost priority to provide top notch security features

SSL Enabled API

Kaleyra API has been designed to allow you to access it using an SSL Enabled connection for added security.

To trigger the API on an SSL enabled connection, enter the URL beginning with https:// instead of http://

API Authentication

Kaleyra's application exercises the https Basic Authentication. You do not need to disclose your username or password to access the APIs. In your account dashboard, you can generate secure unlimited API keys to access the APIs, which also means that you will be restricted to only accessing the data enabled on your user profile.

IP Based Authorization

One way to secure a web-based application is to restrict access based on the IP address. You can block access to a specific address or range of addresses that you suspect belong to malicious individuals.

If IP Address feature is enabled, you will only be able to access and use the API from the specified IP Address.

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