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Pre-requisites for Integration

The following checklist are mandatory to use Solutions Infini SMS API:

Mobile Phone Number Format

All mobile phone numbers should be valid with country code for global messaging. Country code for domestic messaging (India) may or may not be applied.

Example: +91999999999, 918888888888, +441234567890, +254123456789

Sender ID

All text messages carry a sender ID. When you send a text message through API, you could use any of the approved sender IDs for your account.

In case you have not created a sender ID, you can always create one through our SMS application. Once the Sender ID is approved, you can start sending messages.

To know how to create a sender ID, you can refer to the SMS User Manual

Creating a Sender ID

One can create the sender ID using company name, or any relevant name. This sender ID will be shown as SMS sender name to the recipients rather than just a phone number in the sender field.

The alphabetic originator, or sender ID, can contain characters from a-z, A-Z. Other characters may cause message delivery to be failed. Every country has their own restricted variations for defining sender IDs.

Creating a Template

The next process to send an SMS is to create a template. A template is a pre-defined version of an SMS that contains replaceable variables and a default format.

Template Example

Dear Customer,

Your subscription to our services expires on DD-MM-YYYY. To continue using our services, please renew your subscription on or before DD-MM-YYYY.

In the above SMS, the customer name, subscription expiry date and renewal date are replaceable parameters and can be customized according to the expiry dates of the respective user accounts.

Creating a Template

To know how to create a sender ID, you can refer to the SMS User Manual

Generating API Key

Once you have an active account with us, you can generate and API Key from our SMS application. The following are the steps to follow to generate an API Key:

  1. Login to Alerts/ Promo/ Global Application
  2. Click on the 'Developer' section from the left menu
  3. Click on API Keys and click on Resend Button
  4. The API key will be sent to your registered email ID.


You can request for an API key any number of times from your SMS account and the same will be delivered to the registered email ID.

What's Next

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Supported Character Sets

Pre-requisites for Integration

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