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Opt in Documents

Submitting a valid Opt in Document is necessary for your business to use our SMS & Voice services. Without an approved Opt in Document, your services cannot be activated.

What is an Opt in Document?

Opt-In can be a signup form, paper form or any digital record which can serve as a proof
that the customer agreed on terms and conditions to receive SMS notifications from your business entity.

Why do we need an Opt in as a part of On boarding process?

  • Opt in is a document that enables us to understand the source of acquisition of your contacts.
  • This ensures that when we send SMS or initiate calls to the user, we maintain 100% compliance to regulatory guidelines.

Opt In Document Format

Businesses can submit documents in both online or offline formats.

  1. For online documents, the URL of the Sign up/ Subscription form is mandatory
  2. For offline documents, the seal of identity is mandatory.

The following image depicts the type of subscription that businesses from various industries provide:

The following is the right format of an online opt in document.