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What is Leadsquared?

Leadsquared is a Marketing automation and CRM software that enables businesses to connect with their customers by connecting them to potential leads.

How can we leverage Kaleyra services on Leadsquared?

When we integrate Kaleyra and Leadsquared, you can perform the following actions:

  1. Send SMS to leads instantly
  2. Send SMS to lead lists seamlessly
  3. Send SMS to selected leads (multiple leads) instantly
  4. View the messages sent to the leads
  5. Send Promotional (Promo), Transactional (Alerts) and International (Global) SMS to leads.
  6. Send personalized messages to your Leads

What can you learn from this Integration Guide?

This Integration guide drives you through the user journey and using Kaleyra SMS on the Leadsquared application. The following are the key features that are covered in this guide:

  • Configuration of your API
  • Sending SMS to a single lead
  • Sending SMS to a list of leads
  • Viewing the sent SMS

By the end of this guide, you can integrate, access and use the Kaleyra services on Leadsquared application like a pro. To get started, read more on Configure Kaleyra SMS on Leadsquared

What's Next

Prerequisites to configure on Leadsquared

Configure Kaleyra SMS on Leadsquared


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