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Getting Started with SMS

Learn about the concepts that our SMS can help you build.

Kaleyra SMS API will enable you to send an SMS to a mobile number or a group of mobile numbers. You can send Unicode SMS through the API. SMS can be sent using XML, JSON payload over Query string. Additionally, you can use our API to achieve the following:

  1. Sending SMS to a group
  2. Sending SMS to an opt in group
  3. Creating a group
  4. Adding contacts to a group
  5. Checking PULL SMS status
  6. Deleting scheduled SMS
  7. Editing scheduled SMS
  8. Checking credit availability
  9. Look up for HLR Information
  10. HLR Look up using JSON/XML data.
  11. Creating a Txtly
  12. Deleting a Txtly
  13. Extract reports for Txtly - PULL
  14. Checking PULL logs for Txtly
  15. Send an Email with/ without a template
  16. Send an Email with attachment
  17. Send a HTML Email

Base URL for Integration

To start using SMS (Alerts) Services, the base URL with default response is provided below:

Base URL for Promotional SMS and Global SMS Accounts

Base URL for Promotional SMS and Global SMS Accounts is different. Alerts Base URL cannot be used for Promo and Global Accounts.

Base URL for Promotional SMS (Promo) Account is mentioned below:

Base URL for Global SMS (Global Account) is mentioned below:

Still facing trouble using the API?

We have the best support team that works 24*7 providing regional language support in India. You can get in touch with them at and we'll address your concern.

What's Next

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