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Getting Started with OBD

What can you do with this API?

Outbound dialing API enables you to connect your customer to the agent efficiently. OBD uses HTTP Basic Authentication. You do not need to disclose your username nor password to access the OBD API. In Your account dashboard you can generate secure unlimited API keys to access the OBD API, which also means that you will be restricted to only accessing the data enabled on your OBD user profile.

Base URL for Integration

To start using OBD API, the Base URL with default response is provided below:

OBD API Response Parameters

Expected Values


Status of the API call

Success- 200

Failure- ERROR or Error Code as tabulated below


Status Description

Success – OK

Failure- Reason for Failure corresponding to the error code


Data In case reports are extracted or Call status is requested

Data In case reports are extracted or Call status is requested

Still facing trouble using the API?

We have the best support team that works 24*7 providing regional language support in India. You can get in touch with them at and we'll address your concern.

Getting Started with OBD

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