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Getting Started with Valify

Introduction to Two Factor Authentication

Valify enables Multi factor authentication through OTP (pass-code) that can be sent across three different channels i.e SMS, Voice and Email. Valify aims to eliminate hacker attacks, account & transaction frauds and man in the middle attacks.

Valify works on the basis of a simple security model based on authentication. The following section enables you to set up Valify.

Base URL

The Base URL to integrate Valify is given below:

<pre class="baseurls"><code>
curl -X POST -H "X-Auth-Key: e8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -H "X-Api-Method: otp" -H "X-Api-Format: json" "

Valify Setup

How does it work?

Using Valify, you can send OTP to the user in three formats i.e SMS, Voice and Email in the order of your preference. Once the OTP expires in one format, automatically it is triggered in the next. The user gets 3 chances to enter the right OTP for successful authentication.

Still facing trouble using the API?

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If you're a global user and need quick help regarding your concerns, mail us at

What's Next

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Using Two Factor Authentication API

Getting Started with Valify

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