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KYC Document Submission & Approval System

Document Uploads for KYC

1.Once you sign up with us, you'll be prompted to upload your documents as part of KYC.
2.Your documents will be verified within 15 minutes and approved. In case, your documents are disapproved or rejected, you'll be notified through an email the reason of rejection on your registered email id.

What is a KYC Verification?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a preliminary verification process for us to understand your business. In the KYC process, you'll be expected to produce the following documents:

1. ID Proof
2. Company Address proof
3. PAN (Mandatory), TAN (optional) and GST (If your business is registered under GST act)

Why should I upload a document?

We at Kaleyra are 100% compliant to TRAI and Operator level guidelines. Hence we conduct a ground level KYC Validation to register you as a client. The following are the pre requisites for us to understand the SMS requirement for your business. For Transactional SMS/ Alerts, the DND regulations apply, where a subscriber can unsubscribe from promotional SMS.

How can I upload a document?

The document upload process is easy and self explanatory. Follow the steps below to upload documents for KYC verification:

  1. Login to your Alerts/ Global/ Promo account
  2. From the main menu, click on 'Manage Items'
  3. Click on 'Manage Documents' as shown in the image below:
  1. Click on "+New" icon from the top right corner of the page to add a new document (indicated by an arrow in the image below).
  1. From the pop up window, give a 'Title' to your document and click on "Upload Document". Upload the document and click on "Save".

What should the document you upload contain?

The document should contain the following criteria:

  1. Name of the company/ Business
  2. Name of the CEO, Founder or Business Representative who owns the company
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Contact details (Email, Address etc.,)

Stock related business documents

For Stock related businesses, the following list of documents are mandatory.

Stock Documents

  1. SEBI Document
  2. Letter of Undertaking (LOU)
    3.Agreement between the customer and the client
  3. Opt in details from the customer
  4. Customer Identity Proof & Address Proof

The following are the sample reference documents for stock related businesses

SEBI Certificate

SEBI Certificate

Company SEBI Undertaking Letter

Company SEBI Undertaking Letter

Letter of Undertaking

Letter of Undertaking

Letter of Undertaking continuation

Letter of Undertaking continuation


The re-sellers must submit an undertaking letter to use white listed services

Valid Online Document

The following is the right valid online document. It contains the Phone Number, User Name, Email and other contact details along with official company details.

Added below are few more Valid Online Documents that has all the required opt in details:

Valid Offline Document

The following is the valid offline document. It contains the Phone Number, User Name, Email and other contact details along with official company's seal of identity.

Invalid Online Document

The following are the samples of Invalid Online Documents.

Invalid Offline Document

The following are the samples of Invalid Offline Documents.

Image Samples

All the images shown on this page are only for reference purposes. The images are blurred to hide the sensitive information.

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KYC Document Submission & Approval System

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