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Creating a SMS Template

What is a Template?

A template is a predefined format of an SMS that can be reused on multiple occasions. Let's say the Banks send an SMS whenever there's an account activity like Amount Withdrawal. Each time a user withdraws cash from his account, the business can send the template that's saved for "Amount Withdrawal" without having the need for recreating an SMS.

SMS Template

You can add replaceable parameters to your SMS and can send the SMS with standard content and replaceable parameters. The following is the example of an SMS template:

Dear <User>,

You've withdrawn an amount of <Rs.XXXX> at <00:00> <AM/PM>. Your balance in the savings account is <Rs.XXXXXXXXX>

In the above SMS, the following are replaceable parameters and are represented in < >

  1. User Name
  2. Time
  3. Account Balance

Where as, the content excluding replaceable parameters is considered Standard Content.

Find below the reference of am SMS sent from HDFC Bank which is saved format of template

How do I create a Template?

To create a Template, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Alerts Account
  2. Click on Manage Items
  3. Click on Manage Sender IDs
  4. Click on the eye icon as pointed in the image below
  1. Click on +New button on the top right corner of the page
  2. A pop up window appears. Click on "Add Content" and choose the Sender ID you want to associate the Template to

Sender ID & Template

When you associate a Sender ID to a template, every time you use the template, the default assigned Sender ID will be considered while sending the SMS.

  1. Add the Content with replaceable parameters and the standard content
  1. Click on 'Import Content' from and choose the file from the local computer
  2. The character length of the SMS can be seen while creating the template. This will help you optimize the SMS counts.
  3. Click on Save

Template Approval

Once the Template is saved, our team approves it in less than 30 minutes. You'll be notified in an Email to your registered Email ID. In case, your template is rejected, you'll also be notified the reason of rejection

Why cannot I create a Template on Promo SMS Account?

The template format can support only transactional content. Any promotional content in an SMS cannot be saved as a template. However, you can add your promotional content to Favourites.

Template Content Wrong Usage

**Dear <User>

Kaleyra announces flat 50% off on all the packages till <date>. Rush to avail now**

The above mentioned SMS content cannot be used as a template, as the company is sending out a promotional offer to the customer.

Creating a SMS Template

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